Litter Box Location

If your cat isn’t successfully using her litter box and is going to the bathroom elsewhere, like on your carpet, the problem may be something you haven’t thought of—where the box is located. As a general rule, cats like to use the bathroom the same way humans do: in privacy and quiet. Follow these tips from your 4S Ranch veterinarian.

Low-Traffic Area

Always locate your cat’s litter box in a low-traffic area where a lot of family members or other pets aren’t constantly running through. A quiet basement room is perfect. Cats want to use their boxes in privacy, and it will never catch on if she keeps getting interrupted.

Easily Accessible

Some cat owners might place the box in an acceptably quiet and low-traffic area, but forget to ensure the area is always accessible. If a door that commonly gets closed is blocking your cat’s path, she’ll be forced to eliminate elsewhere. Place the box somewhere where kitty can always reach, and if a door must be closed, consider installing a cat door in it to allow your cat free entry.

It’s always best to place the box on the floor so your cat doesn’t have to jump up or around any obstacles to get there. No one wants to jump through hoops to use the bathroom. This is especially true for older cats that may have more difficulty moving around.

Distant From Dining Area

Who wants to eat near their bathroom area? No one! Don’t place your cat’s litter box anywhere near the food and water dish setup, or there’s a good chance she won’t touch the box or her food.

Distant From Other Boxes

If you live in a multi-cat household, your cats may very likely demand their own litter boxes separate from one another. Some cats will share litter boxes, yes, but just as many will refuse. Place the boxes in their own separate, quiet, low-traffic areas.

Contact your 4S Ranch veterinary professional for more advice on locating your cat’s litter box. If you place it wisely from the start, you won’t have any unfortunate messes to clean up later!

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