Your Home’s Most Dangerous Spots for a Pet

Sure, the inside of your home is probably safer for your pet than the yard or the street. However, don’t forget that there are a few common trouble spots that could harm your furry friend! Take steps to avoid the risk by reading your Poway vet’s advice below.


For one thing, a kitchen has many hot surfaces when it’s being used. Toasters, stovetops, ovens, boiling pots of water, coffeemakers—the list goes on and on. Sharp objects like knives, graters, or can lids may be lying around, presenting a laceration hazard. Don’t forget about the various harmful human foods that your kitchen probably contains, too. Take steps so your pet doesn’t have a chance to ingest onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, chocolate, candy, or avocado.


Some pets like to sneak a drink from the toilet. If they’re small enough, they could fall in! Also remember that human medications, hygiene items, and cleaning products might be in cabinets or drawers in the bathroom. These products could poison a pet if they get their paws on them. Close toilet lids and keep all medications and cleaning solutions locked away.

Laundry Room

Cats are notorious for finding the inside of a freshly-used dryer to take a nap, especially if there’s soft clothes in it. If you don’t notice the cat inside and shut the door, starting the unit could prove deadly! Always check inside washer and dryer units before starting them, and keep the doors closed when they’re not in use.

Supply Closets

Just like the bathroom, a supply closet undoubtedly contains various chemical solutions that could be harmful for a pet. Don’t forget that a determined dog can chew right through plastic caps if the mood strikes him! Keep chemicals on the highest shelf, and lock the door at all times.


When it gets warmer outside, some pets might like to lounge by an open window to soak up the sun and breeze. It’s important that all open windows have sturdy screens in them so pets can’t accidentally fall out. Even usually-graceful cats are known to slip out of open or improperly-screened windows.

Consult your Poway veterinarian for more advice on avoiding trouble spots inside your home. By minimizing these risks and providing your pet with comfortable spots just for her, everyone will stay safe and happy!

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