Successfully Cleaning Your Bird’s Cage

It’s remarkable how good birds are at keeping themselves clean. It’s also remarkable how quickly they can dirty their cage! Thoroughly clean your bird’s living space using these steps from a 4S Ranch veterinary professional.

Remove Bird and Accessories

Before cleaning anything, take your bird out and put him in a back-up cage. This back-up should be fully stocked with whatever your bird may need while you’re cleaning his main cage. Also remove the main cage’s liner, accessories, dishes, and toys.

Rinse Cage

It might be easiest to rinse off your bird’s cage outdoors using the garden hose. Use hot water and a jet setting to try to get all the grime off that you can. This will make the process easier for you in the long run.


Use a brush, sponge, or scrubber and begin scrubbing all areas of the cage. Use a mild dish soap or commercially-available bird cage cleaner. Get off all the grime that you can, and try using a razor blade or putty knife to get rid of caked-on spots.

Rinse Again

Once the cage has been scrubbed clean with soap and water, rinse it off again with hot water. There shouldn’t be any soap bubbles or soap scum left, as it could harm you bird once you reintroduce him to the cage.

Clean Accessories

While the cage is drying, clean the cage accessories. Use hot water and soap to clean all food dishes, water dishes, toys, and perches. Rinse them completely with fresh water, and let them air dry on a towel.

Disinfect Cage

You may consider using a bird-safe disinfectant to eliminate any trace bacteria or other contaminates from the surfaces of your bird’s cage and accessories. These products are available at pet supply shops, and you can ask your 4S Ranch veterinarian for a recommendation. Always make sure the product is safe to use around your bird before you apply it to the cage.

Once everything is completely clean and dry, you’re ready to reassemble. Put everything back in the cage and reintroduce your bird to his sparkling home!

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