Traveling with Cats

If your feline is like most kitties, car rides are probably not her favorite thing to do. While we don’t recommend leaving your cat at home for extended amounts of time, if you are only going away for a few days, you can leave Kitty in your Poway home. Just be sure to leave plenty of food and water and arrange for a pet sitter, friend, or family member to check on her. When going on longer vacations, making a long-distance move, or in other situations where you need to bring your cat with you on lengthy trips, Kitty may be less than thrilled about joining you in the car. Here are a few tips on traveling with cats.

The Traveling Crate

Let Fluffy know her traveling box is a fun place. Get a carrier that is as large as her allotted car space will allow. You can get one of a vinyl or mesh material, which may be easier and more comfortable than a hard shell carrier. You’ll still want the hard carrier to bring Kitty in and out of hotel rooms, but for extended trips, a larger carrier will make her more comfortable.

Advance Preparation

Make sure your furball is up to date on all shots before traveling. A few days, or even a week, before you leave, bring out the carrier. Put soft blankets or a kitty bed in it, and add some catnip and toys to make it as comfortable and inviting for your kitty as possible.

Calming Treatments

Get a cat-calming treatment. Pet stores sell products that mimic Fluffy’s ‘Happy Pheromones’. While there are no guarantees on how effective this is, as the results will vary from cat to cat, it’s worth a shot. Follow the packaged instructions to the letter. If your cat is a complete wreck about traveling, you may want to look into medicating her. Check with your vet for advice and instructions before giving your cat any treatment or medication, and make sure to follow directions closely.

Cats all have very unique personalities. While some cats hate travel, and may cry in the car, other cats actually enjoy going for car rides. To get your feline friend used to being in a moving vehicle, go for a few trial runs. Make sure to give her treats and cuddles when you return to your Poway home. If your kitty cries on the way, remember she is scared and soothe her however you can. She may not love the trip, but at the end of the ride, you’ll know your beloved feline friend is safe with you, and that is the most important thing.

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