Choosing the Right Bird Cage

Selecting just the right cage for your 4S Ranch pet bird can be a bit tricky. There are so many sizes, styles, features, and colors of birdcage available these days that the choices can be overwhelming. Birdcages are not one-size-fits-all, however; each species of bird has slightly different habitats in the wild, and so each will have specific requirements when it comes to their homes.

Dometop Cages

The curved section on the top of a dometop gives your feathered buddy a bit of extra flying space. These cages are great if you have more than one bird to house in the same cage.

Playtop Cages

Playtop cages are great for birds that will be spending a good deal of time roaming around outside their cage. Some playtop models have removable tops, which can be used as a mini-cage if you want your bird to spend a bit of time in a different spot.

Classic Style

Sometimes simple is best. The regular birdcage comes in a variety of colors, design, and orientations. They can be tall and skinny, or more of a square shape.


Seed skirts, storage shelves, litter trays and feed doors may seem like unnecessary additions at first, but these upgrades will make caring for your feathered buddy’s home much easier.

Which to choose?

The main thing you will want to look at is how much room your bird needs. Too much room is far better than not enough. The correct cage size will depend, at least in part, on what type and size bird you have. Birds with large wingspans need plenty of room to stretch out those beautiful wings, and taller birds will need cages that are high enough for them to stretch out their tails. Always verify that your cage and the paint on it are made from non-toxic materials, and make sure that your bird can’t fit between the bars.


Give your bird plenty of toys to keep him occupied. Perches, swings, and stands made of natural wood are best. You’ll want to be sure that the materials are clean and pest-free.


Last but not least, make sure to put your birdcage in a safe spot where there are no drafts or fumes. Your feathered buddy’s cage should be safely out of reach of children and other pets, but in a location where you can see and hear your bird. Many birds like to interact with their people. After all, they are part of the family too!

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about caring for your 4S Ranch pets.

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