How to Spoil Your Cat

Have you ever noticed how smug and satisfied your 4S Ranch kitty looks, and wondered if perhaps she is just a little bit spoiled? Cats do have a way of wrapping their humans around those cute little paws. We see many spoiled kitties, and we can’t really blame their owners for coddling them. We know how much our feline friends contribute to our lives. They give us unconditional love and affection, provide plenty of cuddles and entertainment, and make us laugh with their adorable quirks. It is understandable that people want to give back. Needless to say, there are definitely some very spoiled kitties out there. Is yours one of them?

Here are a few tips on how to completely spoil your feline friend:

  • Turn your patio into a catio, complete with cat tower or window ledges for Kitty.
  • Get your cat DVDs of birds.
  • Rearrange your furniture so Kitty has a better perch/view of the yard.
  • Every time you go shopping, get Fluffy a new toy.
  • Make sure your cupboard has cans of tuna and deboned salmon just for Fluffy’s treats.
  • Use a picture of your pet as your profile picture on social media. If you want to go a step further, upload an album of photos of your furball. We suggest stopping short of making Fluffy her own facebook page.
  • Make sure every room in the house has toys and a spot for Kitty; a bed, a soft blanket, or a chair that is specifically hers.
  • Give your cat her own room.
  • Allow your cat free access to jump on top of counters and tabletops.
  • If your cat is on your lap, sleeping, don’t get up until she decides to jump down.
  • Give your cat 95% of your bed. Actually, just go ahead and sleep on the floor and let the cat have the whole bed.

If you find yourself doing more than half of these things, chances are, your kitty is a bit spoiled! We love seeing spoiled cats, so we won’t be reprimanding you. You aren’t alone, either. Cats are very good at convincing their owners to spoil them. As the saying goes: Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.

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