Signs of Illness in Cats

Do you know how to tell if your Poway cat is feeling a bit ill? Cats are very curious animals, and, while some are definitely very talkative, they can’t tell you if their tummy hurts or if something is wrong. Kitties do provide clues when they aren’t feeling well, though, and knowing what signals your cat will send if she is ill will be very helpful.

Here are a few symptoms your kitty may show if she is feeling ill:

Personality Changes

If your kitty is usually aloof, but suddenly starts demanding lots of attention, she could be ill. The reverse can also be true. If your furball is usually lovable and cuddly, and suddenly becomes withdrawn, there could be something wrong with her.

Lack of Grooming

Healthy kitties are normally very fastidious about their beauty regimes, and will spend lots of time grooming themselves to keep their fur soft and shiny. If you notice that your cat’s fur suddenly looks matted, greasy, or dull, or if she is losing fur, this is a red flag that something is going on with your furry friend.

Changes in Appetite

Kitties may be a bit finicky at times, but they will normally have healthy appetites. Cats that are ill often lose interest in their food or water. If your kitty is eating less than normal, she could have dental problems. An increased appetite could be a sign of diabetes or a thyroid issue. Increased thirst can be a sign of kidney issues.

Litterbox Issues

If you notice your feline friend seems to be straining to urinate, she could have issues with her urinary tract. Another sign of illness is when a cat suddenly stops using the litterbox. Diarrhea can also be an indication that something is wrong.


Cats may spend most of their time sleeping, but they should be fairly perky when they are awake. A cat that seems listless or disoriented could be ill. If your cat is sleeping even more than usual, this could be another indication of possible illness.


It may be difficult to tell if your cat has a fever, but if you notice that your cat feels unusually hot, pay close attention to her.

If your feline friend is showing any of these symptoms, contact your Poway vet immediately.

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