Keeping Your Bird Happy

Does your 4S Ranch home include a birdcage? Or are you perhaps about to bring home your first pet bird? These beautiful winged animals make wonderful pets, and can do very well in captivity provided they get the proper care and enough love, attention, and stimulation. Getting to know your bird, and understanding your feathered buddy’s behavior and body language, will help you ensure that your pet is happy and healthy, and will allow you to spot any signs of stress or illness early on.

Here are a few ways you can keep your bird happy:

Quality Time

You don’t need to clear huge blocks in your schedule for quality time with your bird. You can incorporate spending time with your bird into doing regular household tasks. You can maybe let your bird sit on your shoulder while you are sorting mail or folding clothes, or talk to your bird while you are cleaning its cage or doing dishes.


Birds need lots of toys and perches to keep them from getting bored in their cages. Change out their décor and playthings frequently to keep things interesting. Use perches with different textures, and give your pet treats along with new toys. In addition to that, you can keep your bird entertained by leaving a TV or radio on for them. You can also use things you have around the house to make cheap and easy toys for your little pet. Uncooked macaroni or pasta swirls, for instance, make a fun little toy.


While not all birds talk, most birds can communicate vocally. Have a conversation with your bird, and see what happens. Whistling and humming to your pet may invoke your feathered buddy to break into song.


Proper nutrition is key to keeping your bird healthy. Like most pets, birds do enjoy snacks now and then. Fruits, veggies, popcorn, pasta, sprouts, and other treats will keep your little feathered friend feeling content and loved.


In addition to a cage that is large enough and appropriately shaped for your bird, you can help keep your bird content by including certain elements in their natural environment. Birds in the wild live in trees, typically, so adding potted trees or plants to the area your birdcage is in will help your bird feel at home. Full spectrum lighting is also great for birds. If you can, when the weather is nice, take your pet’s cage outdoors, so your avian pal can get some fresh air and sunshine.

Please contact us with any questions about caring for your 4S Ranch bird, and click here for more articles on pet care.

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