Best Birds for Children

Are you considering getting a pet bird for your child? These beautiful, winged animals make wonderful companions. Birds can make excellent first pets for children, though they are not recommended for very young children or for children that are very busy with activities. When selecting a bird, there are several things to keep in mind. Here, your veterinarian 4S Ranch offers some advice and information on the top choices for pet birds.


Parakeets, or budgies, make are fantastic pets for kids. These lovely birds come in many jewel colors, and are quite beautiful. Budgies are fairly easy to care for, and are very intelligent. These little cuties just love to sing and whistle, and some can even learn a few words! Budgies are also fairly small, so they won’t need a huge cage.


Finches are very small birds, so they won’t need much room. Finches generally do best with a few roommates. These little ones tend to look to their winged buddies for stimulation, so they don’t require quite as much attention as other birds do. Canaries, a type of finch, are a wonderful choice, and sing beautifully.


Lovebirds, as you may know, tend to pair off. They are quite intelligent, but are also fairly small, so they don’t need enormous cages. These beauties can form very close bonds with their people, and can be very affectionate. Your lovebirds might love to cuddle up to you or even preen you!


Cockatiels come in a variety of different colors. These birds are mid-sized, so they may be a bit too large for an apartment dweller. Cockatiels have lots of personality, and have a beautiful crest that will reveal their moods if you watch closely. They are also very vocal. You might find your cockatiel singing, imitating the ring of your cellphone, or even talking to you!

Goldie’s Lorikeets

These beautiful birds have calm dispositions. They are quite inquisitive and like to vocalize, though they usually don’t get very loud. While it may be a little difficult to find a Goldie’s Lorikeet, they are worth the effort.

Birds can live a long time, with some having lifespans of up to 80 years. Be sure you can commit to a bird for its lifetime before bringing one home, as changing owners and environments can be very stressful for these winged beauties. If you are getting a pet bird for a child, make sure the child is old enough to responsibly care for it.

After you’ve brought your bird home, contact your vet clinic 4S Ranch to set up your new pet’s first examination.

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