DIY Toys for Rabbits

If you have a rabbit in your home, you have probably noticed that your cute little pet is quite the busybody. Rabbits are very curious and playful, and love to explore and get into things. They need lots of stimulation to be happy and healthy, so keeping your rabbit entertained is one of your main jobs as a ‘pet parent’. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on rabbit toys, because bunnies can amuse themselves with some very cheap and simple toys that you can make out of items you already have around your house. In this article, your local vet Poway gives some options for DIY rabbit toys.

Cardboard Toys

Cardboard is great to give rabbits, because it’s both cheap and chewable. Try making your bunny a little house out of a cardboard box. You can also try taking the flaps off a box so your rabbit has a little doorway, and then filling the box with paper. Your furball will be delighted, and will love chewing on the cardboard.

Paper Rolls

You can make your pet all sorts of toys out of toilet tissue and paper towel rolls. One of the simplest and easiest things you can do is to stuff some herbs or veggies into a toilet paper tube and hide it from your bunny. You can also try suspending a paper towel roll from a chair with a string. Another option is to cut the top off a tissue box, fill it with standing toilet paper rolls, and then drop some treats into a few of the tubes. The choices are endless!

Paper Bag

This one is super easy! Take a paper grocery bag, and then fill it with hay and tie the top off with string. Your rabbit will have a blast getting to the hay.

Plain Old Paper

You can also amuse your rabbit by crumpling up paper into little balls and tossing them into his play area. Another option is to simply pile up some paper in a corner and let your rabbit tear it up.

Food Containers

Bunnies like to push and roll things around. Try giving your pet a round oatmeal container or an old pasta box. Just make sure to remove any plastic, string, or staples first.

These are just a few options for DIY rabbit toys. There are many, many more things you can make for your bunny. Just remember to always put your bunny’s safety first, and never give your pet anything he could choke or, or which could make him sick if he accidentally eats some.

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