Hidden Household Dangers for Birds

Have you recently added a bird to your household? These enchanting creatures make wonderful pets. Our feathered friends are quite delicate, however, and can easily hurt themselves on everyday items you have in your home. In this article, your local veterinarian Poway lists some dangers that may be hiding in your house.


You may not necessarily think a toilet would be much of a risk, but they actually pose a serious danger to birds. It’s far too easy for your little pet to accidentally drown in one! Closed toilets are also hazardous to birds, because of dangerous bacteria that live on and near the toilet. Even freshly-cleaned toilets can pose dangers to our feathered friends, because bathroom cleaning agents are often full of toxic chemicals. Keep your pet safe by leaving the bathroom door closed.


The kitchen is a very dangerous place for a pet bird! Your little buddy could very easily injure himself by landing on a hot stovetop. The fumes from cooking are also often poisonous to our avian buddies. Snacks and food that are uncovered can also be dangerous, as there are many things which our toxic to pet birds if digested. A sink full of soapy dishwater poses another serious hazard. And if all that weren’t enough, non-stick cookware and pots and pans with Teflon coating all release fumes that can endanger your beloved pet.

Airborne Hazards

Birds have extremely sensitive lungs, and many of the scents we enjoy smelling are actually very dangerous for your colorful pet. Cigarette smoke, scented candles, aerosol room sprays, hair spray, cleaning agents, and perfume can all make your little feathered friend very sick.


Birds are very curious, and are often attracted to shiny things. Jewelry can be quite dangerous for your little buddy, because he can easily choke or get tangled up in it. Be sure to keep your jewelry in locked boxes that your bird can’t access.

Zinc and Lead

Metal can be very, very hazardous to birds. Lead poisoning is a serious risk, and is extremely difficult to treat. You may be surprised at how many household items contain zinc or lead! Electronics, galvanized wire, sun-catchers, and chains are just a few places where these harmful metals might be lurking.

Is there anything we can do to help you with your bird’s care? Please contact us if there is any way we can assist. As your local vet clinic Poway, we are here to serve all of your animal care needs.

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