Furball to Purrball – How to Help a Timid Cat Thrive

Have you recently adopted a scaredy-cat? Perhaps you fell in love with a kitty that was rescued from a bad situation, or maybe you found the little one and took her in. We want to extend our appreciation and support to you for helping an animal in need. You may find that your new friend needs time to adjust and settle in before she truly feels safe. In this article, your 4S Ranch vet gives some tips on helping a timid kitty thrive.

Start Slow

When you first bring your feline friend home, start her out in one room. Put her dishes, toys, and litterbox in there, along with a comfy bed. Let Kitty explore the rest of the home on her own terms, when she’s ready.

Let Kitty Choose

Don’t try to force affection on your furry pal. Let Fluffy come to you instead. If she’s shy, coax her into approaching by holding out a treat and calling her softly. If she comes to you, give her the treat and try petting her gently. If she retreats, let her go, and try again later.

Engaging Play

Getting your furball to engage in a play session will help her burn off any excess energy, which will result in a calmer kitty. Use interactive toys, like laser pointers and wand toys, to keep her interested and moving. You’ll want to make sure she has plenty of other toys as well, like catnip mice or little balls.

Safe Zones

Cats that are frightened often want to hide. Fluffy should have at least one safety zone in each room that she can retreat to if she gets scared. It can be a spot under the bed, a kitty tent or condo, or even a box. A cat tower with enclosed perches is a great way for your little one to observe things but still feel safe.

Comfort Food

Feed your furball the best food you can afford, and offer lots of yummy treats as well. The occasional can of tuna, a bit of cooked, unseasoned chicken or fish, or kitty treats are all good choices for special snacks. Once Fluffy realizes that you’re taking care of her, she may begin to relax.

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