Introducing Two Kitties

Are you bringing another kitty into your home? Congratulations! Here at your local Poway vet clinic, we are always thrilled to see animals going to good homes. Your resident cat, however, might not be quite so enthusiastic, especially if Fluffy has been the sole pet and, in her mind, queen of the household! Fortunately, the odds of your furballs living together peacefully are fairly good. Kitties may be quite opinionated, but they will usually at least learn to tolerate another cat. In this article, you’ll read some tips for introducing two kitties.

Separate The Furballs

At first, you’ll want to keep your furry buddies in separate quarters. To do this, you’ll want to isolate your new kitty in a quiet room. Put Fluffy’s food, litter box, and toys in there, as long as a few comfy kitty beds. This way, your new feline pal can adjust to the smells and sounds of her new home without feeling threatened. Your resident kitty will probably station herself at the door of this room. Don’t be surprised if you find your kitties playing a game of ‘Paws Under The Door’!

Proceed With Caution

Once your two furballs have grown used to one another’s presence, you can introduce them. First impressions are very, very important to our feline friends. Pick a time that both cats are relaxed and happy. Bring your new kitty out into the living room in her carrier. Let the kitties sniff at one another, and pass out kitty treats. If all goes well, let your new kitty out of the carrier. You might see some hissing and ‘poofing’ at first, but don’t let the cats actually fight. In time, the posturing should subside.

Kitty Love

You may very well find your feline buddies snuggling up together at naptime before too long. Don’t be disappointed if your furballs don’t immediately become BFFs, however. Kitties can take up to a year to adjust to a major change and truly bond with another cat. If your kitties are having a hard time accepting one another, try playing with both of them at the same time. Use an interactive toy, like a wand toy, so they can both participate. This will burn off excess energy, and help them form positive associations with one another.

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