Keeping Kitty Indoors

Have you decided to keep your cat indoors? If so, all of us here at your local Poway veterinary clinic applaud you. Kitties that stay indoors are much healthier and safer than those who are allowed to roam outside. Your feline friend, however, may not agree with your decision, especially at first. In this article, you’ll read some tips on helping convince your feline friend that indoor life isn’t so bad after all!

Bring Nature Indoors

Give your kitty a taste of the outdoors by adding some cat-safe plants, like ferns and spider plants, to your home. If you have a screened in porch or patio, consider making it a ‘catio’ by adding a cat tower. This way, Fluffy can safely and comfortably enjoy fresh air and birdwatching!


Window views are very important for indoor furballs. Just watching what’s going on in the yard can provide mental stimulation. Get your feline a window perch, or position a piece of furniture so she can look out the window.


It may take a bit of effort and even some trickery to keep your furball from trying to run out the door. Squirting her with a water bottle when she scratches or sniffs around the door may help. You can also try rattling a jar of change, or sounding a bike horn. The noise will startle Fluffy, and she’ll probably run for cover, but she won’t be hurt.


Make time to play with your feline friend. The exercise and mental stimulation playtime provides is great for kitties, both physically and emotionally. Use a laser pointer or wand toy to keep your feline friend engaged. Playing also has the bonus of tiring Fluffy out and burning off excess energy. Napping cats are much less likely to attempt escape!


Try recording some shows about birds or wildlife, and playing them for your feline friend. She may get her birdwatching quota in just by watching TV!

Be Patient

It can take quite a while for your feline buddy to adjust to being an indoor kitty. That said, cats can sometimes entirely lose interest in going outside. The more safe, comfy, and secure Fluffy feels indoors, the less tempting the outside world may become.

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