Giving Back to Local Animal-Related Charities

Your retriever mix Harley has spiced up your life. Two years ago, you adopted this four-year-old canine housemate through an animal rescue group. He joins you for neighborhood walks and vigorous hikes; and he’s even taken a few spins on the agility course. Most importantly, this comical pooch makes you laugh. Best of all, your Poway, CA veterinarian keeps Harley in good health with regular checkups and dental cleanings. Now that your feisty companion has changed your life for the better, you’d like to give back to the non-profit that brought you two together. You also want to support other local animal-related charities.

Rescue Group Work

You regularly donate your surplus clothing and household décor to the rescue group’s thrift store. To take your support to another level, volunteer your services in the way that suits you best. Consider working in the store; or ask if you (and Harley) can serve as the group’s ambassadors at community fairs and/or pet expos. Perhaps you can both wear matching T-shirts and/or bandannas while you share the group’s story.

Gift Donation Appeal

Although birthday and holiday gifts make you smile, you’d like your generous family and friends to instead donate to an animal-related charity. To make your appeal, choose your favorite Harley photograph; and pair it with a card or email asking them to support the group. Include a link to the group’s website donation page.

Benefit Craft Workshop

If you enjoy creating crafts, assemble several like-minded friends for a benefit craft party. Maybe your town’s animal shelter urgently needs comfy dog or cat beds. Or, perhaps shelter workers want to give soft plush toys to growing puppies and kittens. Spend an evening (or two) making these much-needed comfort items. When the animals are adopted, they’ll take the beds or toys to their new homes.

Human/Canine Charity Walks

Harley’s vigorous walks help him to stay healthy and fit. Channel his energy and enthusiasm into an animal-related group’s Charity Walk. These popular events resemble “Walk-a-Thons” in which participants obtain sponsorship pledges from family and friends. Event proceeds support the sponsoring organization. If you can’t find an animal-focused walk, support another worthy group’s event.

When Harley next visits your Poway, CA veterinarian, share the details of your rewarding volunteer efforts. To determine if volunteer work fits with your dog’s temperament, contact us for expert advice.

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