Guidelines for Nourishing Your Fast-Growing Kitten

Your brand-new kitten Lightning has certainly kept you on your toes. You recently adopted this seven-week-old calico from your town’s animal shelter. After you brought her home, she began racing through the house like a tricolored flash. When she stopped to catch her breath, she batted her cat toys and chased her tail. Frantic little Lightning must consume high-quality kitten food that gives her energy and supports her rapid weight gain. Fortunately, your Poway, CA vet gave her a new patient exam and a kitten-focused diet. She also provided guidelines on keeping your new companion healthy.

Energizing Kitten Kibbles

Some of Lightning’s nutritional requirements mirror those of your four-year-old cat Luna. Both felines need the same portions of fats, some fatty acids, and specific vitamins. However, your supercharged kitten must also receive extra protein; along with amino acids and different vitamins and minerals. Ideally, she’ll obtain 30 percent of her energy from quality proteins.

Your vet has prescribed a balanced kitten food that will nourish your growing girl until she completely matures. Although she’ll probably beg you for cat treats, limit these tasty tidbits to 5 percent of her daily calories. The snacks don’t have much nutritional value, and you don’t want her to stuff herself and ignore her more beneficial meals.

Multiple Daily Feedings

Luna and Lightning won’t be dining together for awhile. Your healthy, active adult cat seems to thrive on two daily meals. These tasty servings provide her with lots of energy for playtime; and she has enough “oomph” to chase your much-larger dog around the house.

However, your hyperactive kitten operates at a much faster pace. She’s often in motion; and she only stops to eat, drink, pee, or poop. Once or twice, you’ve seen her recharge her batteries with a short nap. To keep up this frenetic pace, your crazy kitten must crunch three or four meals daily.

Unlimited Fresh Water

Besides her top-quality diet, Lightning requires abundant fresh water daily. Keep her bowl filled; as this helps her to avoid dehydration, which can factor into certain medical problems.

As Lightning matures into an adult cat, your Poway, CA vet will continue to give her physical checkups and address developing medical conditions. She’ll change your cat’s diet to match her evolving nutritional needs. To give your kitten a great start, contact us for expert assistance.

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