Crate Training Your Puppy

Are you adopting a puppy? Congratulations! Your furry new friend is bound to bring lots of love and laughter into your life. Fido’s puppyhood is a very crucial time: your canine buddy has lots of growing to do, and a lot to learn! In addition to being housetrained and learning basic doggy obedience, we also recommend that puppies be crate trained. Below, a Poway, CA vet discusses crate training.

Benefits of Crate Training

There are many benefits of crate training dogs. One big plus of crate training puppies is that it can help with housetraining. Because our canine pals don’t like to soil their beds, little Fido will hold it while he’s crated. As a general rule of thumb, puppies can hold their bladders about an hour for each month of age. Give the little guy plenty of breaks! Crate training is also very helpful when travelling. We know, Fido may prefer sticking his nose out the car window, but he’s really much safer crated! Last but not least, there’s also a good chance that your pooch will need to be crated when visiting his vet or groomer. This will be much less stressful for him if he is already trained.

Getting Started

Make the crate comfy by adding a doggy bed and toys. Start by giving little Fido treats near the crate, so he forms positive associations with it. Giving your furry pal his dinner inside his crate will also help. The next step is to incorporate a command, such as ‘Go Into Your Crate.’ Toss a yummy treat into the crate, so your furbaby has to enter the crate to get it, then, when he does, say the command. Repeat this several times, until Fido seems comfortable. Then, start saying the command first, and wait until your pooch is in the crate to give him the treat. Time, patience, and repetition are key. From there, you can start working with closing the door.

What Not To Do

Crates are only helpful if used properly. Never, ever use a crate as punishment, or isolate your dog in his crate. Also, never leave your canine buddy crated for long periods. These things can cause Fido to think of the crate as a bad place, and can lead to serious behavioral problems.

Do you have questions about crate training? Contact us, your Poway, CA vet clinic, anytime!

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