How to Stop Your Cat from Keeping You Up at Night

Does your cat often keep you up at night? Does Fluffy think batting a toy ball down the hall in the middle of the night is great fun? If so, you’re in good company. Our feline friends can be quite the night owls! In this article, a Poway, CA vet offers advice on stopping your kitty from keeping you up at night.

Tire Your Cat Out

We all know what happens when Fluffy gets tired: she starts yawning and thinking about where to take her next nap. Sleepy kitties are good kitties! Tire your furball out a bit by engaging her in a fun, interactive play session not too long before bedtime.

Late Dinner

Eating dinner late at night can make us sleepy, and the same is true for our feline friends. Give Fluffy her evening meal after her play session. Chances are, if you feed your kitty shortly before bedtime, she’ll be even sleepier.

Door Deterrents

If Fluffy makes noise by scratching at the door, put something on or before the door to deter her, such as a prickly mat or two-sided tape.

Fluffy’s Sleeping Arrangements

Whether you choose to let your kitty sleep with you or not is a personal choice. On the one hand, a warm, purring cat curled up beside you can be a great sleep aid. A frisky kitten pouncing on your feet at 2 a.m.? Not so much. That said, a few minutes of cuddle time may relax your feline pal and make her sleepy.

Be Consistent

If you let Fluffy in one night, and then try to keep her out the next, your furball will probably assume that if she cries at the door long enough, you’ll let her in, and will only try harder. The same is true for food. If your feline friend learns that meowing in the middle of the night will get her bowl filled, she won’t hesitate to make noise.

Toy Box

Kitties seem to have a knack for playing with their loudest playthings when we want peace and quiet. If Fluffy thinks that 1 a.m. is an appropriate time to play with her squeaky bird toy, you may want to put the bird toy away at night.

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