Things Your Cat Just Doesn’t Care About

Your cat shows her love for you in many different ways. She may purr when you pet her, curl up on your nap, snuggle up next to you at night, or follow you around like a furry little shadow. Our feline friends definitely live by their own set of rules. In this article, a Poway, CA vet lists some of the things that Fluffy just doesn’t care about.

Your Clothes

Cats have a cute but rather frustrating habit of curling up in baskets of fresh laundry. While it’s possible that Fluffy’s just trying to help keep your clean clothes warm, it’s probably more likely that she just wants a cozy napping spot. Of course, our feline friends also don’t lose sleep over getting fur all over the clothes we are wearing, or scratching up pantyhose!

Your Sleep Schedule

Has your cat ever woken you up so that you can feed her breakfast? Or does your feline buddy think that the middle of the night is the perfect time to smack a toy ball down the hall, or play with her favorite squeaky mouse toy?

Your Privacy

Respecting one’s privacy isn’t a big priority when it comes to feline petiquette. Fluffy certainly doesn’t have any qualms whatsoever about following you into the bathroom!

Your Furniture

Fluffy’s scratching habit has frustrated millions of cat owners. If your cat is clawing up your belongings, get her a good kitty tower or scratching post, and redirect her efforts towards that by offering her catnip and praise near it.

Your Phone Conversation

Does your feline friend ignore you until you are one a phone call? Some cats definitely don’t like their people talking to anyone on the phone! Perhaps your furball is afraid that you’re talking about other kitties?

Your Plants

Fluffy has many adorable habits, but her gardening predilection isn’t among them. The fact that your houseplants are just sitting there, minding their own business, won’t keep your kitty from destroying them! Be sure to choose only non-toxic plants. You can check the ASPCA website for a full list.

Kitties certainly aren’t purrfect, any more than we are. Fluffy’s adorable face, loving cuddles, and cute antics are well worth these amusing and minor inconveniences!

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