Tips for Traveling with Fido

Are you planning to travel for the holidays? This time of year, many people take time off to visit friends and family members. Of course, our canine friends are part of the family too, so it’s no surprise that so many people prefer to travel with their four-legged buddies. If you’re bringing Fido with you on an upcoming trip, read this article from a Poway, CA vet about traveling with dogs.


Make sure that Fido is microchipped, and that your records are up to date in the manufacturer’s database. Your pooch should also be wearing current ID tags.


Your canine buddy should be up to date on all vaccinations before traveling. You definitely don’t want your pooch picking up a dangerous virus or parasite! Keep copies of your pup’s paperwork with you at all times. If you have a smartphone and are trying to travel light, email scanned copies to yourself, so you can access them from your phone at any time.


You’ll want to pack Fido’s leash and collar, toys, blankets, medication, dishes, and a brush. If possible, bring along several gallons of the water your canine pal usually drinks. Strange water can upset your pet’s furry tummy!


If you’re staying with friends or family members, make sure that your furry buddy is welcome as well. If you’re staying at a hotel, call in advance to find out about their pet policies. You don’t want to be surprised with a hefty bill at the last minute!

Crate Training

Fido may love sticking his head out the window, but he’s much safer in a crate, where he can’t accidentally nudge or bump into the driver. Put blankets, treats, and toys into the crate to make the trip more comfortable for him.

The Trip

If you’re driving, stop every few hours to let Fido stretch his legs and relieve himself. If your furry friend gets carsick, keep a few windows cracked to allow good airflow, and don’t feed him just before you leave.


Take Fido for a good long walk when you reach your destination. You and your furry best friend can get your bearings together. Sometimes these turn out to be very special moments we can enjoy with our canine friends.

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