Holidays with Birds

As the holiday season ramps up into full gear, many of us are busy with seasonal activities such as decorating, cooking, and baking. If you have a bird, you’ll want to be sure to keep your colorful little friend safe, happy, and healthy during this special time of year. Read on for some great holiday tips for bird owners from a Poway, CA veterinarian.


Birds are very small and fragile, and can be easily hurt. Many common household hazards post a threat to our feathered friends. Fans; vapors from cooking, chemicals, perfumes, smoke, and other airborne scents and fumes; windows; mirrors; and even open toilets can all be dangerous for little Polly. At the holidays, pet birds face even more hazards. Trees, for instance, can make your little pal sick: they are often coated in toxic chemicals, and the needles can cut or choke your winged buddy. Ornaments, tinsel, lights, ribbons, and ornament hooks are also dangerous to birds, as are traditional holiday plants, such as poinsettias. Ask your vet for more information.


If you’re planning to have company this holiday season, be sure to keep your colorful pal in her cage when people are coming or going: you don’t want her going out through an open door. If you’re having four-legged visitors, keep your winged friend in her birdcage until your furry friends have left. We also recommend asking your visitors not to feed Polly without your permission.


Why not include Polly in your annual gift-giving traditions? Many birds enjoy playing with wooden toys, such as spoons, blocks, and ladders. Perches can also make great gifts for your little pal. Your pet can also enjoy playing with swings, mirrors, little balls, poker chips, and many other fun toys. Just be sure to put your feathered friend’s safety first. Never give your bird anything with small parts she could choke on, or anything she could get entangled in.


Feel free to give your winged pal some special treats during the holidays. Just be careful what you feed your feathered buddy, as many foods are dangerous for Polly. Never give your bird a new food without making sure it’s safe for her. Ask your vet for specific advice.

All of us here at your local Poway, CA pet clinic want to wish you all a happy, safe, and healthy holiday season. Call us anytime!

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