Disaster Preparation for Pet Owners

Do you have an emergency plan in place, in case disaster strikes? While we hope that all of our clients never have to experience them, catastrophes such as fires, earthquakes, and other disasters can happen at any time. In an emergency situation, you may have to evacuate or act very quickly. Your beloved pet is part of the family, too, so make sure to include the furball in your disaster preparations. Below, a local Poway, CA vet offers some helpful tips on disaster preparation for pet parents.


Make sure your pet has proper identification. Microchipping is a quick and simple process, but it is one of the most important things you can do for your beloved furbaby. If your pet is separated from you in an emergency, that tiny chip may be your furry friend’s only link to you. If your pet isn’t microchipped yet, we recommend getting this done immediately. Remember to update your pet’s records in the microchip manufacturer’s database regularly. Proper ID tags are also important.

Emergency Kit

Keep a stocked emergency kit ready for your pet. The kit should include blankets; toys; a leash and collar for dogs and cats; medicines; a pet first-aid kit; a few days’ worth of food and treats; and your pet’s photos and paperwork. A plastic tote is a good storage option. Put it near your furry pal’s carrier, to make it easier to grab in an emergency. While you’re at it, put your contact information on your pet’s carrier.


While many emergency shelters now accept pets, most require proof of vaccinations. You don’t want to waste time rifling through papers to find these documents in an emergency! We recommend keeping copies in your glove compartment and in your pet’s emergency kit. It’s also a good idea to email scanned copies to yourself, so you can access them online from anywhere.


It’s always best to have an emergency shelter picked out in advance, just in case. Find out now what local shelters accept pets. It’s also a good idea to research pet-friendly hotels in the area, and make a list. If your plans are to stay with friends or family members, double-check your furball’s accommodations in advance.

Do you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care? Call us, your Poway, CA animal clinic, anytime. We are happy to help!

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