5 Ways to Keep Your Dog from Digging

Is your dog making your yard look like a moonscape? If Fido’s lawn and garden work isn’t going over so well, you may need to take some steps to address your furry friend’s landscaping practices. We are here to help! Read on as a Poway, CA veterinarian offers some advice on keeping your pooch from tearing up your yard.

Play With Fido

Sometimes dogs dig out of boredom, or just as a way to burn off excess energy. Daily play sessions will help keep your canine pal stimulated and happy. To get that furry tail wagging, engage your pet in fun games like fetch. Also, make sure Fido has plenty of fun playthings to keep him occupied outside.

Build A Sandbox

Fido could be digging as a way to stash toys and treats. This is a natural behavior in wild dogs, who sometimes bury their prey to store it for later. If your pet likes to bury treasure, build your four-legged pirate a sandbox, and fill it with fun playthings. Fido may be so busy digging up these goodies that he loses interest in the rest of the yard!

Spay/Neuter The Pooch

Another reason our four-legged friends sometimes dig is to get out so they can go searching for love. If your canine pal hasn’t been spayed or neutered yet, we recommend getting this done as soon as possible. Your furry buddy will be healthier and calmer after he’s been fixed.

Pest Control

Dogs are hunters by nature. Fido could be digging to try and get to a small animal that is tunneling under your yard. If your pup is digging in straight lines, this could very well be the case! Use humane methods to clear your property of tiny trespassers.

Keep The Furkid Happy And Comfortable

Our canine friends also sometimes dig to make themselves little beds and/or to escape heat or cold. Be sure that your furry pal has a comfortable shelter or doghouse in the yard, as well as plenty of shade and fresh water. Of course, Man’s Best Friend is always happier and healthier living indoors, so be careful not to leave your four-legged buddy outside too long.

If your dog needs veterinary care, please feel free to reach out to us, your Poway, CA animal clinic. We are happy to serve all of your pet care needs!

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