Crate Training Your Dog

Is your canine buddy crate trained? If not, you may want to get Fido accustomed to being crated. A Poway, CA vet offers some helpful tips on crate training dogs below.

Benefits of Crating

Used properly, a crate can be a great tool, and will provide your furry pal with a cozy, comfy den of his own. It’s also likely that your pup will need to be crated at some point, either at the groomer’s or vet’s, or for travel. This will be much easier on your pooch if he’s already used to his crate. Crates can also be extremely useful when housetraining your four-legged friend, because dogs naturally avoid soiling where they sleep. Crates can help keep your pet from chewing or soiling your belongings. Last but not least, we recommend dogs always be crated for travel: it’s much safer!

Make The Crate Comfy

Make Fido’s crate comfy and cozy by adding a soft bed and some toys. You can drape fabric over it if you like. You’ll also want to think about where you’re going to put the crate. Ideally, it should be in a place where Fido can see and hear you. Your furry friend may feel isolated and/or lonely if he’s in a back room by himself.


Start by giving your canine pal treats, praise, toys, and belly rubs near his crate. Lay out a goody trail of snacks that lead into the crate. Keep doing this until Fido goes willingly into his crate. You can also give your furry buddy his meals in his crate. At first, you’ll want to leave the door open. Once your pup seems at ease with his crate, you can start closing the door. At first, just keep it shut for a short time. Gradually increase the time until your four-legged pal is comfortable being crated.


Fido can stay in his crate overnight, but aside from that, dogs generally should not be crated for more than four hours at a time. You also want to avoid using the crate as punishment. That may make your canine friend form a bad association with his crate, and may very well cause more problems than it solves. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

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