Feline Obesity: Is Your Furball Turning Into a Butterball?

Is your kitty getting pudgy? If so, Fluffy may need to lose weight. Overweight felines may be super cute, but unfortunately, those extra pounds carry some very serious health risks. Pet Obesity Awareness Day is coming up October 7th, so we think this is a great time to discuss feline obesity. Below, a Poway, CA vet discusses chubby cats.

Health Risks

Kitties that are overweight have higher chances of developing some very serious medical issues, including heart disease, bone/joint problems, liver trouble, and diabetes. If Fluffy is obese, she will also have elevated risks of developing complications after surgery, and may have trouble reproducing. In fact, those extra pounds can even shorten your cat’s lifespan!


Diet plays a huge role in your furball’s weight. Pay attention to your pet’s portion sizes: even giving your cat just a few extra calories a day can cause her to pack on extra pounds. Giving Fluffy only dry food may also be detrimental, as many kibble formulas, particularly the low-quality ones, are quite high in carbs. Ask your vet for nutritional recommendations, including advice on feeding schedules and serving sizes.


We all know how much kitties love sleeping. Fluffy’s fondness for naps may be adorable, but it isn’t helping her waistline very much. Therefore, it’s important for you to at least try to keep your feline pal active. While you probably won’t have much luck getting your kitty to run laps around the dining room table, you can trick her into moving by offering her lots of fun toys, and taking time to play with her every day. Getting your furball some kitty furniture that promotes physical activity, such as a cat tower, will also help.

Keeping Your Kitty Fit

It’s much easier to keep a cat at a healthy weight than it is to put one on a diet. If you suspect that your kitty is overweight, consult your vet before making any changes to your kitty’s menu. Never, ever put Fluffy on a crash diet: sudden drops in caloric intake can wreak havoc on your cat’s metabolism, and could even make your furry friend sick. Your feline pal will need to lose weight slowly in order to trim down without compromising her health.

Do you have questions about your cat’s weight or diet? Contact us, your Poway, CA animal clinic, today!

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