5 Adorable Ways to Pamper a Guinea Pig

Do you have a Guinea pig for a pet? These little ones, also known as cavies, make absolutely wonderful pets! They’re not only super cute and easy to care for, they are also quite gentle, and lots of fun to watch. Providing your miniature furball with good nutrition and a clean, comfy cage will cover the basics, but if you want to spoil your cavy, read on! A Poway, CA vet offers tips on how to pamper a Guinea pig in this article.


Cavies are super sociable little furballs, and enjoying having some friends to run and play with. Why not get your pint-sized pet a buddy? You’ll get twice as much cuteness! Just be sure to house only same-sex pairs together; otherwise, you may end up with more Guinea pigs than you bargained for!


Cozies are basically tiny little sleeping bags or pet tents. Guinea pigs love to cuddle up in them for naps. Buy or make your furry buddy some cute cozies and hidey-holes.

Bigger Cage

Making sure your miniature furball is comfy in his cage is very important! One cavy will need at least 7.5 square feet of room. If you have more than one, you’ll need a bigger cage. Why not upgrade your Guinea pig’s home? Look for a multi-level cage with ramp access: this will give your furry pal extra room, without taking up any more floor space. Ask your vet for recommendations on substrate and accessories.


Guinea pigs have open-rooted teeth, so they need to chew frequently to keep those tiny choppers healthy. Offer your cavy plenty of chew toys to nibble on. Some good options are cardboard tubes; shapes made out of shredded paper; wooden spoons, blocks, and ladders; and even tissue boxes. Just be sure to avoid items with sharp edges or small parts, as well as anything covered in dye, stain, glitter, or other potentially-harmful coatings.


Little pets need love, too! Spend time with your Guinea pig every day: talk to him, play with him, and give him toys and treats. You may even be able to teach your cute pet some adorable tricks!

Please contact us, your Poway, CA animal clinic, with any questions about your Guinea pig’s health, diet, or care. We treat all pets like furry family members, and are always more than happy to help!

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