Thanksgiving With Fido

Believe it or not, the holiday season is just around the corner. With Thanksgiving approaching, many of us are looking forward to spending some quality time with our loved ones over a delicious holiday meal. Fido is an important family member too, so keep him in mind when making your Turkey Day plans. Read on for some advice from a Poway, CA vet on celebrating Thanksgiving with dogs.


Man’s Best Friend has been with us for thousands of years, perhaps since as far back as 12,000 BC. That means Fido has had plenty of time to perfect the exact expression that is most likely to get us to fork over yummy tidbits of food. Begging is bad doggy manners, however, and it can make people uncomfortable. If your pup needs to work on his table manners, put him in a crate with a fun puzzle toy while you’re eating.


Feel free to share some of your Turkey Day meal with your furry buddy: just be sure to only offer him things that are safe for dogs. Cooked, unseasoned meat, fish, and poultry are all fine, as long as you remove the bones, skin, and fat. You can also offer Fido some plain, cooked potatoes; green beans; carrots; peas; squash; or pumpkin. Don’t give your canine pal raw meat, eggs, or dough; garlic; onions; chocolate; nuts; or anything containing xylitol. Ask your vet for specific food recommendations.


Dogs sometimes get super-excited when company arrives. Some of our canine friends also have a bad habit of greeting people by, well, jumping on them. If you’re hosting a large gathering, and your pup tends to get a bit over-friendly, keep Fido crated or in a quiet back room when people are coming or going. (Of course, this very much depends on your pooch: a Chihuahua is not likely to bowl your guests over at the door.)


Candles may add the perfect touch to your holiday spread, but you definitely don’t want Fido knocking one over. Burn candles only in high, secure places that your furry friend can’t reach. Other decorative items can also be problematic, especially if your canine buddy has a habit of chewing on things or eating them. Keep your décor out of paws’ reach.

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